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Too Much Of A Good Thing :iconnnn1997:nnn1997 0 0
Mature content
Fox of Amber :iconnnn1997:nnn1997 1 0
Guyer Naruto

By: TheBeardedOne 
Prologue Naruto
Naruto grumped as he crawled through the bushes at the base of the Hokage monument, searching for a spot out of the cold drizzling rain.
He growled as he thought about the bully who had destroyed his room and the matron who had blamed him and thrown him out.
How was a six-year-old meant to…
Naruto's thoughts cut off as he found himself looking at a small cave one barely waist high to him, but it was shelter and without hesitation, he wriggled into it.
The inside of the cave seemed very smooth. A ninja would have recognised it immediately as artificial, the walls and roof formed by Doton techniques.
paranoid ninja would have noticed the security seals.
prepared ninja would have anchored a rope to one of the trees outside and ha
:iconnnn1997:nnn1997 1 3
Guyer Naruto

By: TheBeardedOne 
While exploring a secret base that he literally fell into, Naruto finds something that will change the course of the future... Beware all enemies, the Guyver has activated!
Prologue: Archanfel
Archanfel lowered his weapon and stared emotionlessly at the ashes that had been the test subject prior to it donning the armour. His cape fluttering in the breeze caused by the superheated air rising to make way for cooler air, he turned back to face his masters, the beings who used the armour that they had tested on one of those he had been created from, beings who had lost an entire command ship and no less than four defence ships to a single, untrained primitive from the native species that they had adjusted to create an army that they could command.
This must not be allowed to happen again.
:iconnnn1997:nnn1997 3 0
Mature content
He's My Son :iconnnn1997:nnn1997 0 0
Attack on Prime

A/N: Note that I didn't write this story and I give full credit to Arthur melishade and you could this story on and wattpad
After Optimus became one with Primus, he is somehow sent to the world of the Titans: where humans are no longer at the top of the food chain and are only safe behind walls. Optimus decides to help humanity in the raging war against Titans, as he has said before "Freedom is the right for all sentient beings."
A New World
"In order to protect both the Allspark, and secure Unicron's defeat, it was necessary for me to empty the vessel's contents." Optimus explained as he stood before the Autobots with the sun rising behind him.
"Into where?" Bumblebee asked.
Optimus looked down at his chest. "The Matrix of Leadership, as such, my own spark can no longer be separated from the multitude of others within
:iconnnn1997:nnn1997 0 0
The origins of Omega
    long before time itself...there was the zorandrite. We know not where it comes from or how it was made, only that it holds the power to create worlds and fill them...with life. however, it was once belonging to a powerful race. That lived in harmony and a beautiful goddess named. Citrine watched over this mighty race. But like any great power, some wanted it for good...others for evil. And so, began the war. A war that ravaged their planet until it was consumed by death and darkness. And zorandrite ...and their beloved goddess...was lost to the far reaches of space. they scattered across the galaxy. Hoping to find them and rebuild their home. Searching every star...every world. And just when all hope seemed lost, a message of a new discovery drew them to an unknown planet called...Earth. It was already, too late their goddess was gone faded from existence as the zorandrite itself has fallen into the hands of a young, female known
:iconnnn1997:nnn1997 1 0
The life of Kaiju wizard
    Long ago three races ruled over the earth, humans, Wizards and kaijus lived together in Harmony, then everything changed when a Dark wizard known as Dexter Vandran and his army of death consumers attack. With pride and lust for power divided the three races, now they fight amongst each other as enemies forgetting that they were once their brothers. This tragic War has ravaged the Earth, but others say it's a necessary War to return us to Glory either side refuses to sacrifice their freedom and countless lives were lost but one stood out among the rest of them. That's what I've been told but to me, it's more than just history it was my family history a powerful and beautiful witch manage to stop the fighting between Wizards humans and kaijus and turn their forces against the dark Wizard and his forces. Even to this day is hard for me to believe it that powerful witch was
:iconnnn1997:nnn1997 1 0

Hello, my name is Staracer or star for short I'm the sister of Optimus prime and the lover of Megatron to make things clear, I do not love Megatron he's in love with me who knows why. I was not like other femmes I was a warrior with a fiery spirit at always got me into trouble, not in a good way, now here I am on run from Megatron my so called “spark-mate” that frager force spark-bonded with me and the pain was overwhelming for me to handle. So I ran away from my home and my only family that still have if my brother finds out what happened to me he'll blame himself for not protecting me I couldn't bear it, I couldn't show my face to him.
But I know some day I will face my past, will I be ready for it will show my face to my brother, will face HIM!! Again? But for now I disappear or pretend I'm offline I know it will hurt my brother so much but I need to do this I didn't want to help Megatron to hurt my brother I'm going to protect him even If
:iconnnn1997:nnn1997 1 0
My name is Daniel era Bain. I'm a private detective. I've been investigating the case known as Ted's Studios disappearances even though nothing was ever recovered from investigation couple of years ago. However, the loved ones and relatives of the employees have come to me in need of my abilities. I myself do not blame them for coming here and asking me to look into it. I have to admit that Ted's Studios always gave me a chilling feeling in my spine whenever I drove past it in my car glancing at its bold innocent but yet disturbing lettering that spells Ted’s Studios.
One child disappeared from the local neighborhood. No disturbing noises were ever reported. In fact in all the cases of the loved ones or relatives had no idea that their loved ones and family members went missing until a few days later. Also in all case of all, the people that went missing had worked at Ted’s Studios after the first child went missing. This was pretty much all
:iconnnn1997:nnn1997 1 0
I'm jasper comic part 2 by nnn1997
Mature content
I'm jasper comic part 2 :iconnnn1997:nnn1997 9 2
I'm Jasper comic part 1 by nnn1997
Mature content
I'm Jasper comic part 1 :iconnnn1997:nnn1997 13 3
konoha prime

The destruction of the Autobot base, Optimus Prime is sent to the world of Naruto to help end another conflict and help  strengthen the Web of Life in that world and it might turn out to be his greatest challenge yet.
Chapter one
Optimus Prime groaned in agony, struggling to open his battle weary optics. After some effort, his optics finally began to function, as he became aware of his surroundings.
Right now, he was simply floating in a vast empty space, surrounded by shimmering blue and white lights. It was similar to when he had received the message from Alpha Trion while wielding the Star Sabre just weeks before.
As he slowly scanned the spectacle around him, Optimus became aware that he was alone and still severely injured. It was hard to believe that what was to be the end of a long, devastating conflict would conclude in soul wrenching defeat.
Just hours before, he and his Autobots had traveled to Cybertron
:iconnnn1997:nnn1997 1 0
xannon the butcher  by nnn1997
Mature content
xannon the butcher :iconnnn1997:nnn1997 3 3
Magic exists!
When Alphonse Elric wasn’t allowed to attend a military meeting because he was a ‘civilian’. Being left alone, Al find himself waiting in the military waiting lounge bored out of his mind until he find something interesting among the few papers and books and magazines in the lounge it was an owl with a letter? decided  to find out to see what was the letter for? Alphonse was in for a world of surprise when he was accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. How will young Alphonse survive will he  make friends or enemies along the way and How will Ed feel that his little brother is learning magic.

I do not own this pic

Chapter 1

    Alphonse let out a sigh, as he walk over to the waiting lounge as he wasn't Allowed to attend the meeting with his brother because he was a ‘civilian’. At times he wish that Ed wasn't a state Alchemist but he couldn't
:iconnnn1997:nnn1997 1 0
Even if I'm Different Now
A/n hi everyone this is a crossover between Harry Potter and fullmetal alchemist I thought this story is cool and I'm going to post it on the deviantart and I give full credit to its original author Monica Moss 
Alphonse Elric, wish Brother would accept me, but I'm losing him completely as I start to adopt the term "magic." I've been sharing the research I'm doing at Hogwarts, but even that might not stop Brother from abandoning me. And I think I might die by the time he forgives me, because war is looming ever closer... 
Chapter 1
I never could perform alchemy, but I could step in and try to pull B
:iconnnn1997:nnn1997 1 1


Mature content
The Butler's Dog Ch.3 - Game On Pt.1 :iconblurryxpunkxrainbow:BLURRYxPUNKxRAINBOW 6 3
FNAF4 Comic - House Party - Page 84 - 7-30-17 by Mattartist25 FNAF4 Comic - House Party - Page 84 - 7-30-17 :iconmattartist25:Mattartist25 356 111 Have fun by djsliver Have fun :icondjsliver:djsliver 6 2 ---- 14 by djsliver ---- 14 :icondjsliver:djsliver 11 5 XMAS 2016 Nights and Dreamers by 7marichan7 XMAS 2016 Nights and Dreamers :icon7marichan7:7marichan7 16 3 Nights : Do you want sleeping with me ? by djsliver Nights : Do you want sleeping with me ? :icondjsliver:djsliver 10 37 Transformers Oc - Flashwing Alt Mode by DoughnutSpankerr Transformers Oc - Flashwing Alt Mode :icondoughnutspankerr:DoughnutSpankerr 28 3 Deadpool Colors by CrisstianoCruz Deadpool Colors :iconcrisstianocruz:CrisstianoCruz 84 0 Deadpool by as-obu Deadpool :iconas-obu:as-obu 132 14 The Director's Bodyguard by edCOM02 The Director's Bodyguard :iconedcom02:edCOM02 64 9 Roses for Spidey by turtletrashworld Roses for Spidey :iconturtletrashworld:turtletrashworld 40 2 Carnage by chimeraic Carnage :iconchimeraic:chimeraic 195 18 ''coward? moi?'' by b0rderIands ''coward? moi?'' :iconb0rderiands:b0rderIands 36 3
Dreamer's Quest Chapter 4
Dreamer’s Quest
Chapter 4
Claris went to sleep early to do some research at the Dreamgate Tavern’s library.  She found out that Delight City was a casino, and that there is a special treat for those who make it to 1000 blue chips.  Most theorize an extra life.  
Claris theorized their Ideya of Growth.
Helen seemed to also go to sleep early, as she ran through the door of the Dreamgate tavern and right to Claris. “Found anything.”
“Quite a lot,” said Claris, “I think I know what the challenge is for Delight City. We need to win 1000 blue chips.”
Helen frowned, “can’t we just get Will to just give the 1000 blue chips?  He has more than enough from his smuggling efforts.”
Claris laughed, “So I heard you are performing at the Twin Seeds Clocktower, that’s more than I ever have done.”
“Yeah, the audition went very well, but I need to practice more.  I practiced nicely by myself
:iconchaidreamlatte:ChaiDreamLatte 1 0
What I've Done by ForgottenHope547 What I've Done :iconforgottenhope547:ForgottenHope547 122 31


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A/n I do not own this story it be to KakashiKrazed on 

In the life of a demon, to come across the perfect soul is rare indeed, and well worth the time spent cultivating it until it is ready to devour. But what might happen should that same demon come across a second rare soul- this one bathed in blood and regrets since childhood? Might he hope to keep both, or will the presence of this shinobi mean the end for Sebastian?

Chapter 1 His Butler, Puzzled - A Shinobi, Displaced

To those in England, and all of the civilized world, Ciel Phantomhive was many things: Land owner and titled Earl; Head of the Phantomhive family; Sole survivor of his family's massacre; Betrothed to his cousin, Lady Elizabeth; The Queen's Guard dog; Owner of the Funtom Toy and Sweets Company. But the only title that the boy held that mattered at all to Sebastian Michaelis was that of owner of the contract that bound himself to be his butler until that fateful day when he would devour Ciel's soul. Until then, his focus was only on the thirteen year old's daily needs and orders. It was what his entire world consisted of, and it was all that he truly desired. Because, with each passing day, his young lord's soul became just that tiny bit more delectable to him. Indeed, this was one contract that he had no desire to rush to its conclusion. No, like a fine wine, he intended to allow his master to ripen with age, so that when he finally collected his meal, it would be unlike anything he had ever tasted before.


Sebastian grinned at the thought while he continued to perform his nightly duties of making sure that the Phantomhive Estate was in a state of perfection before the start of each new day. Every surface was dusted and polished until it gleamed in even the dimmest of rooms. The windows were washed and dried until they were so clean that one would question whether there was any glass there at all. The family silver was painstakingly polished until it sparkled with a light all its own. The linens covering the tables were crisp and immaculate, as befit everything within these walls. Fresh arrangements of flowers gathered from the Estate's own gardens were arranged to best accentuate whichever room they were placed in.. In short, everything was completed with his own high standards as the benchmark.


Content that all was as it should be inside the Manor, Sebastian moved outdoors to perform similar maintenance to the surrounding grounds, as he did every night while those in the house slept on. He paused on the veranda, which spread out from the back of the house to provide a lovely el fresco option for dining or entertaining, and he took a moment to survey the expansive gardens. The formal rose garden nearest the house would need the most work to keep everything up to his master's demanding expectations. But that was work which was better suited to the early morning, when the sun was fully upon the prized blooms. He glanced up at the full moon that was only just starting its decline toward the horizon. There were still far too many hours to go before he'd be able to concentrate on that particular task. Sebastian pulled out the ornate pocket watch that kept him ever mindful of the passing hours and he frowned as he ran his young lord's daily itinerary through his mind. It was to be a full day indeed, as the boy needed to fit in three separate visits from business men looking for financial backing amongst his already packed schedule of lessons and Funtom Company business. There would be little down-time for his master to catch his breath until well after sundown. Which meant, of course, that the young lord's tolerance for anything other than perfection would be nonexistent.


He sighed and settled the watch back into its pocket before he straightened his tail coat and tugged his white gloves to ensure a proper fit. First things first, he'd need to set off toward the lower gardens where the resident swans and ducks had the nasty habit of leaving their feathers and other unsightly droppings scattered about the water features and pathways. It simply would not do for such filth to be present at the location he had chosen for the young lord's afternoon tea with Lady Elizabeth. No, it would not do at all, considering that it was to be the only respite the boy would have in his busy day.


Sebastian had only made it down three of the steps leading to the manicured lawn when an explosion at the far reaches of the property shook the grounds and rattled the windows of the Manor. The sound of crystal breaking from within the dining room caused his eyes to narrow, knowing that now he'd have to add time into his already packed day to repair or replace anything which had been damaged by the unexpected blast. If Bardroy had caused this disturbance trying out another one of his methods for quick-cooking than he would definitely need to ask the master to reconsider keeping the man on as staff. Such explosive methods would never be worthy of using on even the most rustic of dishes that would be set before the young Earl.


"What in blue blazes was that!? Are we under attack again?"


He watched as the very human that he had been accusing wandered out onto the veranda, scratching at his scraggly blond hair in obvious confusion, and still dressed in his sleeping attire with a lit cigarette dangling from his lips. Sebastian's attention returned to the far side of the property, where he could now hear the sound of numerous trees crashing to the ground. But before he could switch his blame from the Manor's cook to its resident strongman/gardener, Finnian wandered out just steps ahead of the sharpshooter turned maid, Mey-Rin.


"Gosh! What's all the ruckus about?"


Oblivious of Finnian's question, Mey-Rin pushed her way in between the two men, adjusting her thick-lensed glasses a bit farther up her nose before clasping her hands in front of her as she leaned forward.


"Oh dear! That sounded like something very big indeed! Oh, yes it did!"


Sebastian frowned as the last of his potential suspects for the disturbance stood in front of him. But if it was none of the staff, then just what had happened?


"Do you plan on just standing around, Sebastian? I'd like to return to bed before the sun rises."


Turning on his heel to face his master, he lowered himself onto one knee, head bowed, and his right hand held to his chest. "You have but to say the words, Young Lord."


A soft sigh left the boy's lips, causing a smirk to play across his own mouth. "Very well. If I must."


He looked up through his bangs at the boy who stood before him in his nightshirt. The others were busy sharing their ridiculous theories about the cause of the disturbance, so none of them noticed their employer lift the simple patch which covered his right eye. Once uncovered, the mark of their contract came into full view, glowing with an unnatural light as the words passed Ciel's lips.


"Sebastian, I order you to find the cause of this mess."


He raised his gloved left hand until it covered his own right eye, the seal below the white cotton pulsing in time to that set into his master's eye. "As you wish, my Young Lord."


With that said, Sebastian sprang from his kneeling position and sprinted toward the area where he'd heard the original explosion, covering the great distance in less than a dozen steps. Along the way, he let some of his favorite pieces of silverware slip between his fingers in preparation for whatever might be waiting within the tall trees that surrounded the outer edges of the Earl's lands. He'd been prepared to do battle with all manner of beasts. After all, by the look of the old growth trees which had been toppled, it was bound to be something large and powerful. But now, as he stopped at the edge of the clearing which was newly created by the explosion, he had to admit that he was at a loss. In the center of an earthen crater he didn't find some ferocious beast, or even the remnants of any type of weapon. No, what he found was a silver-haired man sprawled face first and unmoving in the center of the space. His clothing was simple, and as far removed from his own tailcoat as one could get. In fact, the man wore white bandages around his lower legs which kept the dark pants close to his skin. A vest made of what looked to be a more durable green fabric was worn over a dark shirt, and some type of pouch was fastened across his hip. More white bandaging circled one thigh, with yet another pouch strapped over the binding.


Sebastian frowned as he took another look around the area, certain that there must be something else hidden nearby which would have caused this mess, other than the unconscious man. But he saw nothing out of place beyond the destroyed trees circling the newly formed crater. What was more, the pattern in which the various trees had fallen showed that they all fell away from the center though a great force pushed out in all directions at the same time. He moved to the nearest fallen trees and inspected them a bit closer. It became clear to him that large sections of each were missing, and what was more, the missing sections were smooth and concave. A quick glance at the remaining trees revealed that every one of them had similar sections missing.


"How unexpected."


He stood and smoothed his clothing out before stepping down into the crater. The unknown person had yet to move, and for the briefest moment he had thought that perhaps he'd be bringing a corpse back to his master. But when he'd come within a yard of the man it became quite clear to him that it was not the case. He could smell the fresh blood seeping from the prone body, and as any demon worth his salt knew, the dead did not tend to bleed quite so freely. The scent that reached his nose was rich and seductive, filled with so much more than just the coppery overtones that most could detect. It told of a man who had seen much in his long life, and it, combined with the unusual manner of clothing he could see, sparked a curiosity in him that he hadn't felt in many long decades.


Sebastian moved closer still, until he could kneel down beside the man. He reached out with one gloved hand and rolled the unresponsive body over until it was face up, revealing yet another mystery. The silver hair was not a sign of age, as he had first concluded. The lower half of the man's face was covered by a cloth mask, making it difficult to judge his exact age properly, but it was clear that he was still what most would consider a young man. An old scar ran from just above his left brow, through the closed eyelid, and down below where the mask covered his face. The vest was covered in small, narrow pockets and, based on the fact that the man was still alive, it was obvious that its design was such that it was able to slow down whatever bladed weapon had been used to cause the slash across the man's chest. He imagined that the wound would have been fatal if not for the tailor's fastidious choice of fabric and design. Fingerless gloves with metal plates stitched into their backs, and sensible footwear completed the outfit, although the choice for open toes when the cold season was just around the corner was definitely a fashion risk.


Whoever this man was, it was clear that he'd seen combat recently. But, as far as Sebastian knew, no battlefields were active anywhere near the Phantomhive property at the moment. And if there had been any, generally they would be using pistols, rifles, and other projectile weapons and not blades. Particularly not blades of the size that would have been needed to cause a wound like the one he was looking at.


A puzzle, indeed.




The last thing Kakashi could clearly remember was the shock of sudden pain as Obito's blade pushed through his chest. Well, that and the feel of his own lightning-cloaked hand sliding into his former teammate's chest. The irony that he'd used his Raikiri jutsu to end the life of both of those shinobi who had been on his first team was not lost on him. Nor was the fact that his last clear view had been of Obito's own sharingan eye morphing into the advanced Mangekyo form that he had triggered in the eye gifted to him when he'd been thirteen.


He'd known that he was in trouble the moment that his body felt like it was being compressed and pulled through his own navel, and he couldn't help but wonder just what the technique might do to him physically and mentally as it was being triggered while the two were already in a different dimension than all of those fighting Madara Uchiha as an allied force were in. One part of his brain calculated that he'd likely be thrown back out to join the others, but wherever he'd landed was far too quiet to be the battlefield that he had left behind. Another part offered up the possibility that he would have simply ceased to exist, but if that was the case, he doubted that he would be in quite so much pain. After all, he'd been dead before, and it had felt nothing like this. Which left him with the fact that, wherever he now was, he'd need to open his eyes to get a clue of his current situation.


Unfortunately that was proving to be an impossible task. His body simply was not listening to his brain's silent urges to obey his commands. And he had barely a wisp left of his chakra to force his limbs to do his will. So, aside from his brain registering that he was face down on some very hard and unforgiving ground, he was in the dark about his location, or his current situation. He realized that he was not alone when he heard a quiet voice speaking in a language that he couldn't quite place. It was just at the edge of his hearing, but it was close enough to concern him. It could be an enemy, or with the way his luck was going lately, it could just have been his mind playing tricks on him.


The feeling of his body being rolled over without him doing it was enough to prove to his foggy mind that he hadn't imagined the voice. But what worried him at the moment was the fact that he hadn't heard the approach of anyone before he was manhandled. He tried to open his right eye, knowing that in his current state of chakra exhaustion that opening his left eye would be suicidal. But he couldn't manage to even flutter his eyelashes, let alone lift the lid. In short, he was at the mercy of whoever it was that had turned him over.


When he felt gloved fingers slide between his face and his mask he felt a surge of panic wash over him, and what little adrenaline he had left in his body, along with the muscle memory of blocking so many attempts of unmasking him, sent his arm up far enough for him to grip the wrist of his unknown assailant. He pushed one of the most pathetic growls of his career through his lips just before managing to utter a single word.




Of all the possible reactions to his word, Kakashi could honestly say that he had never expected his assailant to start chuckling at him. It wasn't the nervous titter of fear that he had caused in his enemies from time to time. No. It was as though his actions had amused whoever the hell this was. The fingers remained hooked under his mask as he was greeted with words which did nothing to clear his muddled head.


"My, but you are a long way from home, aren't you?"


The smooth baritone voice marked the speaker as male, and his words were spoken without a trace of accent to give away just where he had landed. In short, Kakashi was still in the dark about everything. And to make matters worse, his hold on the man's wrist did nothing to stop him from continuing to pull down his mask. His hand fell free of his assailant's wrist as the man finished what he'd started, and then turned him onto his side. A pressure in his chest that he hadn't even realized was there eased greatly with the change in position, and once he had coughed up a rather impressive amount of blood, he greedily pulled in fuller breaths of oxygen. When his breathing returned to something closer to normal, the unknown man spoke to him once more.


"I am certain that you'll find it far easier to breathe now that your lungs are not swimming in blood. But still, if you are to have any chance at living beyond this night, I will need to take you to my master's home."


Kakashi could only manage a grunt in response to the words, but that seemed to be enough for the man to take it as his agreement. The next thing that happened reminded him far too much of the numerous times that Gai had 'helped' him back to the village after he had overextended his chakra use. This unknown man placed his arms under Kakashi's knees and behind his back before lifting him with ease. The suddenness of the action actual caused him to experience a sharp wave of pain that caused him to open both eyes from the shock of it all. In his current position he had a perfect view of the stranger's face, but the contradicting views presented to his mind nearly made him pass out. While his regular eye showed him a young, dark-haired man, with skin as pale as his own, and eyes that reminded him of Kurenai's back home, the Sharingan was showing him a scene straight from his childhood nightmares. The skin shifted from pale white to a dusky gray; hair became a bit more untamed as it fell around what appeared to be dark ram's horns;sharp teeth that resembled those from someone native to the Village Hidden in the Mist peeked out between dark lips; eyes bearing slit pupils gazed down at him...seeming to shift in color like a burning flame waiting to consume him.


There was no mistaking what his sharingan was showing him. He was being carried by a demon. Not a jinchuriki, like Naruto or the others, but an actual demon. He forced his left eyelid closed as he tried to sort through the data at the same time that he attempted to calm his racing heart. A low chuckle brought his attention back to the creature holding him.


"You are full of surprises, Sir. I have the strangest feeling that you have seen through my current role with that unique eye of yours. But rest assured. So long as you do not threaten, or otherwise move to harm my master, you need not fear my true nature."


Kakashi glared at the man, still unable to form his words. Unfortunately, the only reaction that the act garnered was that his unlikely savior grinned at him in a most unsettling way. He was pulled in closer to the demon's chest, and he felt hot breath tickle his neck as soft words were spoken.


"Do try not to bleed on my tailcoat. The Young Master gave this to me, after all."


With that said, he was carried out of the trees and across a large, manicured lawn, toward a stone building that rivaled the Daimyou back in Fire Country. The speed with which the pair was traveling at was on par with his own speed when he was in top form, and the fact that this man was likely going slower than normal to take into consideration that he was carrying a wounded person meant that there was no way in hell that Kakashi would be able to best him with speed alone.


By the time those few thoughts had filtered through his mind, they had arrived at the house. They were greeted by three very loud, and strangely dressed, people. Two looked to be older than the third, but none of them were terribly old. There were two males, both with blond hair, although one was a bit older and taller than the other, and one female who was wearing glasses with lenses so thick that Kakashi was amazed she could see at all. They crowded around him, rattling off a series of questions in that same strange language that he'd heard before. Still, by listening carefully to the exchange between the three and the demon still holding him, he was able to grasp a handful of words and their probable meanings. For starters, it appeared that the creature holding him went by the name Sebastian. And by their reactions at some very tersely-toned words delivered to the trio, he seemed to be in a position of power over the them.


But at a series of softly spoken words behind them, it became very clear to Kakashi exactly who was holding the demon's leash. He felt the man's muscles tense ever so slightly a second before they turned to face the speaker. When he gained his first view of Sebastian's apparent master he was only slightly surprised to see that it was a young boy, barely into his teenage years by the look of him. Dark hair framed a finely-boned and pale face. But the set of the boy's shoulders, even as he stood with nothing on but a nightshirt, made it clear that he, indeed, held power over the demon.


The demon lowered his head in what probably appeared to be respect to the boy, but at the vantage point that Kakashi had, the expression on the man's face looked more like lust than loyalty. Particularly when the eyes held slit pupils and the tip of his tongue appeared between his lips, reminding him far too much of Orochimaru at that moment. But before he could make any further assessment, he felt the boy's fingers on his chin, gently guiding his head to turn until their eyes met. An eye of clear blue met his gaze, and it was then that he noticed that the boy's right eye was covered with a simple patch. Words slipped out of the youngster's lips in a bored tone that at once reminded Kakashi of himself when he was this age. And the look deep within that blue eye made him realize that he may share more in common with the boy than just an arrogant mode of speech in his teenage years.


Before he could deduce anything more, Sebastian's amused voice whispered in his ear. "It appears that you have caught my Young Lord's curiosity. He has ordered me to tend to your injuries, and make you comfortable while you heal."


Although not completely comfortable with his current situation, it seemed that he might yet survive. All he had to do was avoid becoming the target of a demon or his master, learn a foreign language so he wouldn't be blindsided, and find a way to return to Konoha. He sighed. Some days it just didn't pay to be him.




Endless lessons and mindless meetings seemed to be all he had to fill his days. Even the underworld had been ridiculously quiet, and he hadn't received an assignment from the Queen in over a month. It left him feeling uneasy, as though this was simply the calm before an upcoming storm. And all he could do was wait. Wait for the thunder and the lightning to roll into his life once more. And perhaps, this time, it would illuminate just who had been behind his parents' deaths and the destruction of the original Phantomhive Manor. Maybe this time he would have his revenge.


But until then, at least this stranger would provide him with a much-needed distraction. It was clear to him that the man hadn't understood anything being said to him until Sebastian had whispered in his ear, and he looked forward to learning more about him. And, of course, he wanted to learn just what part the man played in the destruction of a good portion of his estate.


By the time he'd reached his room he was far too worked up to even consider crawling back into bed. Perhaps he would spend some time reviewing the notes Sebastian had left for his numerous meetings come morning. With that settled, he reached for the knob only to have it pulled out of his reach when the door swung open. Waiting within his room was his butler, head bowed and a silver tray balanced on one hand. He sighed and moved toward his bed, knowing that he'd be expected to return to sleep now that the excitement was over. By the time he'd settled onto the mattress, Sebastian held a freshly poured cup of tea for him to take.


"To soothe your nerves, my Young Lord, I have prepared for you the finest of camomile teas, rumored to lull one into a dreamless sleep. The slightest hint of lemon paired with a whisper of honey from the Phantomhive Manor's bees adds the perfect level of complexity without affecting the inherent properties of the tea."


He took the cup and sipped the perfectly prepared liquid before returning the cup to its saucer and glancing up at Sebastian. "I trust that our guest wasn't adversely affected by your need to prepare my tea."


Ciel watched a smirk play across the man's lips just before he answered. "What kind of butler would I be if I couldn't provide comfort to our injured guest while meeting your every need?"


"I see." He took another sip of the tea. "Tell me all that you have learned about the man."


Again, he saw Sebastian's lips twitch. "As you wish, my Young Lord. Although I have not learned his name as of yet, I am confident that he comes from a remote land known as the Elemental Countries. It has been many years since I last set foot in those parts, but I believe that our guest is from the Land of Fire. Based on the array of weapons recovered from the various pouches on his body, he is likely a shinobi from within those lands."


Ciel frowned. "Shinobi?"


"Yes, my Lord. A specially trained warrior that is adept at hand to hand combat, as well as mastering the ability to mingle their physical and spiritual energies together in what might pass for magic here in England."


"Magic? That seems a bit unlikely."


"It is no more unlikely than making a pact with a demon, my Young Lord."


He looked away from the penetrating gaze that Sebastian leveled at him. "I'm tired. We will discuss this more later."


Sebastian helped him settle into his bed, taking special care to tuck his covers in around him. "Very well, my Lord."



Ciel watched him leave the room, and even though he had originally thought that sleep would escape him, he found his eyes refusing to stay open. A brief thought flickered through his mind that perhaps Sebastian had put something more than honey and lemon into his tea, but if there was one thing that he was sure of, it was that his butler would never do something against his wishes. So when sleep tugged once more at his senses, he gave into it, hopeful that he truly would enjoy a dreamless sleep.

Too Much Of A Good Thing
Sebastian Michaelis (Hawt Response) [V2]  I do hope you enjoy this story can I give full credit to each other KakashiKrazed on  

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Fox of Amber by nnn1997

By: Ryu Kotei

After losing his arms and being banished, Naruto makes a deal with the Kyuubi to regain his arms which lead to an amazing discovery about his Uzumaki blood's history. Now bearing two amber gems on his arms, Naruto becomes the newest member of the Crystal Gems. T for violence, language, and certain situations. NarutoXPearl

Chapter 1: Shining New Start



Naruto awoke to find himself in the sewers that made up his mind and saw himself lying right in front of the fox's cage. "What…" said Naruto as he tried to pick up his body, only for the stubs on his arms to give out, "What happened?" A shadow inside the cage stirred to reveal the two giant red eyes of the Kyuubi, the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox. "You should remember what had happened kit," said the Kyuubi in agitation, as Naruto finally moved himself to a sitting position and thought back to what all had happen…






Naruto and Kakashi saw the gates with the jonin carrying the unconscious Sasuke. "I am still impressed, Naruto," said the cycloptic ninja with an eye smile, "I never would have thought that someone like you to defeat Sasuke as well as the both of you surviving such a massive collision." Naruto gave his sensei a wide smile and said, "Hey, I made a promise to Sakura-chan to bring back Sasuke and I would rather die than go back on my word! That is NOT what Naruto Uzumaki would do!"


"NARUTO!" shouted Sakura as she rushed towards the duo. "See Kakashi-sensei," Naruto said without noticing the look of pure murder on Sakura's face. "Things are looking up from he-" Sakura gave the blonde a punch hard enough to break his jaw and send him flying into a nearby tree. Naruto fell from the tree and was about to ask Sakura what had happened before he got a kick to the face from the girl. "What the HELL HAVE YOU DONE TO SASUKE-KUN!?" screeched Sakura as she began to stomp on Naruto's body, "YOU PROMISED ME THAT YOU WOULD BRING SASUKE-KUN BACK AND YOU ONLY BRING HIM BACK BEATEN AND BROKEN! NOW I'M GOING TO DO THE SAME TO YOU FOR BREAKING THAT PROMISE!" Sakura then grabbed a nearby rock and gripped it hard enough to give the stone a small crack before a look of vengeful bloodlust in her eyes. "I'll make sure you can never hurt Sasuke-kun ever again," said Sakura as she raised the stone up high, "you no good piece of trash MONSTER!" Kakashi could stare in horror at Sakura smashing Naruto's arms as the blonde's screams paralyzed his body.


The jonin finally snapped himself free from his fear as the two chunin at the gate approach and gave Sasuke to the two before going towards Sakura. "Sakura stop!" ordered Kakashi as he tried to wrestle Sakura back, "Stop it now!" The jonin saw that he had no choice as to knock Sakura out with a quick chop to the neck. Naruto looked up to see that his arms were completely smashed some inches below the elbow as jagged pieces of bone were sticking out and blood oozing from the bruises that have been torn open. "Sakura-chan…" Naruto said weakly as darkness began to envelop his vision, "…why…" The blonde never saw the others arriving as darkness finally enveloped him.


Flashback End




Sakura…why? Naruto thought to himself as he looked at the stubs of what remained of his arms. "I'm truly sorry about your arms kit," said the Kyuubi with a stoic tone, "but even if I had the chance, your arms would have never been able to heal properly and would have taken months to fully heal; even MY power is limited." Naruto didn't even hear the fox as he remembered what Tsunade had told him at the hospital…






Naruto slowly awoke to find himself at the hospital with Tsunade sitting next to his bed with a saddened look on her face. "Baa-chan?" asked Naruto as he pushed himself up with his elbows before he felt something different about his arms. "Naruto!" said Tsunade with shock on her tear stained face before her voice had softened, "Naruto…before you ask, Sasuke is doing alright as he is recovering in a different room with Jiraiya looking at that Curse Mark on his neck. I…I have some bad news though…" Naruto removed both arms from his side to see a horrific sight: bandages covering his arms where the rest should have been. "My…my hands!" said the blonde with pure horror in his eyes as he stared at the bandaged stubs, "Where the hell are my hands?!" Tsunade quickly hugged Naruto as she said, "There was nothing we could have done to save them, Naruto; even he must have seen how impossible it would have been. I'm sorry…I'm sorry."


Flashback End




Naruto could remember the look of horror on everyone's faces as they saw his bandaged stumps; there was a mixture of horror, sadness, and worst of all…pity. "I still can't believe Sakura had the gall to do that to me," Naruto said as he hung his head at knowing his career as a ninja would be finished for the rest of his life. Naruto then remembered how the Council had exiled him and had a chunin escort him to a waiting ship at the docks that would transport him to the island far from Hi no Kuni…but even that didn't go as planned…




Naruto and his chunin escort had made it to where the ship that was to take him to his new home since he can never return to his home. "Well," said the chunin escort, "end of the line." Naruto nodded and climbed the stairs, but before he boarded the ship, the young blonde turned and faced the man. "I know that you're one of the ninja back at the village that hated my guts," asked Naruto, "but is it possible for me to ask for your name?" The man nodded and said, "My name is Odori, Naruto-san and to be honest, I never did hate you. In fact, I have respected you for holding the Kyuubi at bay and the Uchiha was always a power hungry brat; the Council has made their greatest error with this. I'll never forget you and I shall always honor you, Uzumaki-sama." Naruto smiled and got on the ship, waving good-bye to the last person from Konohagakure he will ever see before hours later a large group of storm clouds rolled towards the ship.


Flashback End


Naruto rubbed a stump on the side of his face as the last thing he remembered was a beautiful pale face with orange hair. "Whoever that person is," Naruto said as he smiled at the memory, "they have my eternal gratitude…too bad I can't do anything with my hands." The Kyuubi smirked and said, "Ever since I've been trapped inside of your body, I've been bored as Hell and one time I decided to look through your blood and I've made a shocking discovery: there is more to the Uzumaki bloodline than anyone realized." The blonde looked at the giant fox like the beast had grown another head in the blink of an eye. "Please tell me!" said Naruto with desperate excitement, "Please tell me that I have some cool Kekkei Genkai that is WAY better than Sasuke-teme's!"


"SHUT IT!" roared the Kyuubi before calming down, "What I have discovered is the secret behind the Uzumaki Clan's longevity." Naruto tilted his head in confusion as the giant fox then said, "Yes, Kit, you had a clan that can actually outlive three generations, four if they were not a ninja and lived a very healthy lifestyle and five or six for you. Anyway, it seems like there is another part of the Uzumaki blood…something mystical infused inside the blood and it is through this that grants Uzumaki's their increased life span. Unfortunately there are impurities in the blood that block it, mostly the different blood ties within the blood from both sides of your family. If I get rid of some of the impurities, it is possible to reawaken this hidden power inside of you thus releasing not only the true Uzumaki Bloodline but whatever else that mystical piece hides in your blood." Naruto smiled and said, "Well what are you waiting for; bring out my true power!"


Silence echoed throughout the sewer as Naruto looked at the Kyubi with a questioning look. "What's going on Kyuubi?" asked Naruto as an uncomforting aura hung in the air. "If I'm going to do this," said the giant fox with a stern look in his eyes, "I want something in return; I want some freedom." Naruto angrily pointed a stub at the fox and said, "There is no way in HELL am I going to let you loose on innocent people! I'd rather have no arms than knowing that I let loose one of the most dangerous demons on the world!" The Kyuubi let out a sigh and said, "I never said that I wanted complete freedom, just some freedom. All I am asking is to just walk around and feel everything that I'm missing out on as all I get is what you see and the emotions and pain you feel. I never get the chance to and the last time I could only remember is when I was controlled; I don't even remember half the things during those times! Again, all I am asking for is to possess a Shadow Clone every now and then, I'm not leaving an untrained pipsqueak alone with my chakra! I'll even restore your arms!" Naruto scowled and said, "You said you couldn't heal them so how are you going to do that!?" The fox slammed its hand-like paw and said, "I said that I couldn't heal your arms at that time as the damage was too extensive, but by restoring your arms using that mystical part in your blood, it will be like the that whole removal of your previous arms never happened as you will grow those arms back. So what do you say; deal or no deal?"


Naruto considered his options; he could let the Kyuubi tamper with his blood and not only get something cool out of it but get his arms back, or just live the rest of his life without hands and unable to truly repay his savior. Should he choose to let the Kyuubi tamper with his blood, Naruto just has to let it possess a Kage Bushin and after thinking about it, it would be like having a friend from Konoha…one that will literally be with him till he dies. What should I choose? Naruto thought as he sat down and crossed his arms, I want to continue my career but I can't do that without hands, but can I really grant the Kyuubi that kind of freedom. I wish I had something to help me with this choice.


"Follow your heart…"


Naruto looked around to find the voice, but only saw himself and the Kyuubi. "Well Kit, I'm waiting," said the giant fox getting impatient, "If you don't make a choice, I'll make it for you!"


"Listen to the voice inside your heart…" said the mysterious voice, "You can make whatever choice you want, just follow your heart child." Naruto closed his eyes and let the voice's wisdom seep in. "Okay Kyuubi, I've made my decision," said Naruto with fire in his eyes as he stared down the fox, "give me back my arms!" The fox nodded and said, "Better prepare yourself because the amount of pain you'll feel will make that Chidori you took feel like a bee sting compare to this!"


*Crystal Temple; Steven's Room*


Pearl was sitting near the couch where the boy she saved on the beach was laying. She was trying to help Steven with summoning his Gem's power when the two of them saw a patch of orange in the ocean and when the orange patch drifted onto shore, she and Steven discovered that it was a young boy with blonde hair. To their horror, the boy wasn't breathing so Pearl had Steven run and get help while she performed CPR on the blonde with hope of saving his life. She continued on until the boy coughed up water and looked at her with beautiful ocean blue eyes as the boy thanked her before passing out.


A medic had arrived and examined the blonde to find that the boy will live and just needed some rest, but said that if the group needed anything else to contact the hospital. After that, Garnet had carried the boy into their home and laid him on the couch where the child could rest. No one could ignore the stubs on his arms where the boy's hands once were and could only imagine what could have happened. Pearl continued to watch the boy as the others continued on with their day, knowing that the perfectionist would make sure that the boy was safe and well taken care of.


"What could have happened to someone like you?" said Pearl as she looked at the stubs with tears forming in her eyes, "How could you have been robbed of your hands as a child?" The Crystal Gem gently ran a hand on the whisker-like marks on the boy's face and she couldn't help but think how they give a certain roguish charm to the blonde. Those marks make him look cute, Pearl thought to herself before she shook her head, Come on Pearl, he's probably around Steven's age, maybe a little older, and you're old enough to be his great-great grandmother…then again, Rose was A LOT older when she married Greg, but they're adults and you're a teenager while the boy is just a pre-teen!


A scream woke Pearl from her thoughts as she then saw the boy writhing in pain as a red aura enveloped him. The Crystal Gem fell off the chair as the others entered to only hear a painful scream escape from the blonde. Steven walked next to Pearl and said, "Pearl what happened, what's wrong with him?!" Pearl got to her feet and said, "I don't know Steven; I was just watching him and then he started screaming."


Amethyst was about to place a hand on the blonde's forehead until another hand stopped her. That hand belonged to Garnet, the leader of the Crystal Gems. "Don't touch him, Amethyst," said the woman as she brought out a frozen hotdog and placed it on the aura. Much to the shock of everyone, the aura enveloped the hotdog and began to dissolve it right before their eyes. "Whoa," said Steven as he watched the last of the hotdog be eaten away in the air, "it's like acid." Pearl looked at the tall woman and asked, "What should we do Garnet? Should we call the hospital?"


Before anyone could act, another scream from the boy gained their attention to reveal that the stubs have now blown open with bone and flesh growing from it. "I'm gonna be sick," said Amethyst as she tried to hold back her nausea as she watched hands beginning to form. It was a sickening sight as the new hands finished growing fingernails from the cuticles, then something else happened. Just above the boy's wrists, two orange square gems formed in a blinding light. "He's...he's a Crystal Gem!" said Pearl as she looked at the two gems on the boy's arms, "Those are amber gems!"


Everything was silent until the blonde began to move and slowly sat up. "He's coming to," said Pearl as the blonde slowly opened his eyes to reveal his shiny blue eyes. The boy put his head in one of his hands before pulling it back and smiled before saying, "He did it…he actually did it! My hands are back!" The blonde flexed the fingers on his two new hands before he saw the two gemstones embedded into his arms. "What the…" said the boy with confusion on his face as he examined the gems.


"Are you alright?" asked Pearl as she gently placed her hand on the boy's shoulder, "You gave us quite a scare when your arms grew back." The blonde turned to face Pearl and stared at her for a few seconds before hugging her thin frame and giving her a barrage of thanks. The Crystal Gem was taken by surprise, but she then enveloped the boy in a loving hug and gently rubbed his back.


After calming down, the boy let go of Pearl and said, "I'm Naruto Uzumaki, former shinobi of Konohagakure and I wish to thank you for saving my life!" Pearl smiled a bit and said, "Hello Naruto, I'm Pearl and these are my friends, Garnet, Amethyst, and Steven. We are the Crystal Gems, and apparently you're one too." Naruto raised an eyebrow until he saw the large pearl embedded in the thin girl's forehead before looking at the gems on his arms. "Crystal Gems are guardians of Earth who rely on the mystical powers of their gems," said Garnet as she revealed the two garnets embedded into her palms, "Our powers involve from simple shape shifting to even summoning weapons that are unique to each one." Garnet's hand glowed briefly before two large, red gauntlets with two large, golden stars near the knuckles appeared out of thin air on her hands. "Cool," said Naruto as his eyes shone with excitement at the sight, "So all of you can summon really cool weapons!"


"All but Steven here," said Amethyst as she lightly jabbed Steven with her elbow, "he's still working on getting his to work for him, but with you around he's not going to be alone." Pearl gave the Crystal Gem a look and said, "We can't have him join us after we just pulled him from the ocean and saved him from drowning! He could still go into shock and needs time to recover from whatever happened!" Pearl then felt a hand on her shoulder to see Naruto looking at her with a stern face and eyes full of confidence. "I'll join you seeing how I'm now an exiled ninja," said Naruto as he got confused looks from the others around him, "but first I have a of promise to keep up. Shadow Clone Jutsu!"


In a large plume of smoke, another Naruto appeared next to him before this Naruto's looks began to change: his spikey, blonde hair smoothed out and became blood-red, the whisker-like marks on his face became more pronounced and curved, and when he opened his eyes, gone were the sparkling blue eyes as cold, blood-red eyes with slits in them. "Thanks for keeping your end of the deal Kit," said the Naruto copy with a cool, chilling voice, "but to save us some trouble in the future, my name's Kurama; Kyuubi is just a title you humans have given me."


"Kyuubi?" said Garnet with wonder, "As in, the Nine-Tailed Fox?" Kurama looked at the Crystal Gems and said, "Yes…that Kyuubi." Garnet nodded as Steven asked, "You know him?" Amethyst raised an eyebrow and asked, "The same Kyuubi that Rose told us about when she told us about Mito Uzumaki?" Kurama chuckled and said, "She was my first jinchuriki and she and my previous jinchuriki before the boy never gave me any form of freedom as the mental link is just a given; I'm trapped inside of them with only hearing and seeing from their perspective and I only feel pain and emotions from them, I actually wanted to feel a cool forest breeze on my fur and the dirt underneath my paws…but all I get is that I'm nothing but an evil monster when the real monster is that UCHIHA BASTARD!" Breathing heavily after venting some anger, Kurama let out a sigh and said, "Just what the doctor ordered; good to let out some anger and know that it was all me."


"Now that that's out of the way," said Amethyst as she moved some of her hair behind her head, "What were you doing in the middle of the ocean?" A small frown formed on Naruto's face as he looked at Kurama for a bit of guidance. "Go ahead and tell them," said Kurama as he knew about the blonde's trust issues, "I'll fill in what blanks I can and we'll just see from there." Letting out a sigh, Naruto began telling the Crystal Gems where he was from, some of the people he had met, and eventually telling them about his whole life while Kurama stepped in to provide some important details that Naruto missed out. After hearing about Naruto's life, the Gems were both amazed at how a young boy could survive such a life and appalled at how others have treated the boy; even Garnet was clenching her fists tightly in boiling anger. "How could people treat a small child like that for something out of their control!?" ranted Amethyst as she was tempted to find Naruto's abusers and giving them a piece of her mind. Steven was appalled at how a girl Naruto once liked had done something so heartbreaking after the blonde had kept his promise. Pearl on the other hand had tears rolling down her face at the thought of the boy being so alone and in pain for so long.


Naruto then shut his eyes tightly, expecting the Crystal Gems to reject him and begin to chase him away, but he was surprised at the feeling of loving warmth wrapped around him. The blonde opened his eyes to see the Gems hugging him with tears on their faces. "What…" asked Naruto in confusion, "What are you doing? Don't you want to beat me or chase me out?" The Gems let go and backed up a bit as Pearl said, "We would never do such horrid things to such a person like you, Naruto; you deserve so much love after what you had been put through." Amethyst placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder and said, "Yeah, that Sakura…girl doesn't know what a great friend she had just lost because she was kissing some boy's ass." Taken aback, Pearl gave Amethyst a scolding look and said, "Not in front of Steven and Naruto!" Garnet walked by the two Gems and placed her hands on Naruto's shoulders before enveloping the blonde into a hug as Naruto heard something that he had only dreamed of hearing before getting kicked out of the orphanage.


"Welcome to our family, Naruto."

Fox of Amber
the story is a crossover fanfiction between naruto and Steven Universe 
1e92d99d792b948c5b06b07f761ccaf2 by nnn1997

By: TheBeardedOne 

Prologue Naruto

Naruto grumped as he crawled through the bushes at the base of the Hokage monument, searching for a spot out of the cold drizzling rain.

He growled as he thought about the bully who had destroyed his room and the matron who had blamed him and thrown him out.

How was a six-year-old meant to…

Naruto's thoughts cut off as he found himself looking at a small cave one barely waist high to him, but it was shelter and without hesitation, he wriggled into it.

The inside of the cave seemed very smooth. A ninja would have recognised it immediately as artificial, the walls and roof formed by Doton techniques.

paranoid ninja would have noticed the security seals.

prepared ninja would have anchored a rope to one of the trees outside and had team-mates ready to pull him out at an instant's notice.

Naruto wasn't a ninja, despite his desire to be one.

As such, it was a total shock to him when the ground beneath him suddenly opened, dropping him down a long chute and into a reinforced glass pen inside a large chamber lit by seals set into the ceiling. Unsteadily rising to his feet, Naruto leaned against one of the walls for support, only for the glass to slip out of the decayed fastenings and shatter on the ground.

For a long moment, Naruto held his breath as he waited for the inevitable angry shouting, but to his surprise, nothing happened.

Carefully avoiding the worst of the glass, Naruto moved around the room, staring at the odd shelves and their contents. Strange liquids, internal organs and even less-identifiable objects floated in various jars, then he blinked as he saw something on a low shelf, something that intrigued his curiosity.

The object looked like a disc almost as wide as his head and maybe as thick as his hand could stretch. The outer part of it was comprised of three metal sections, coloured an odd yellow/blue/green while a metal sphere was nestled in the middle. Holding the sphere in place and filling the inside of the armour plates was what appeared to his young eyes to be a long coil of thick, braided ninja wire.

With the utter fearlessness of innocence, Naruto reached out and grabbed the disc, pulling it towards him. As it came off the shelf, Naruto belatedly realised that it was heavier than he had thought even as its weight pulled him down, striking it with his forehead.

"Owwwww. What the…?"

The sphere glowed with an odd white light that attracted his gaze, then his eyes widened as he realised that the wires were moving. Releasing the disc, Naruto started to scramble away from it, but he was too late as the wires erupted from the disc and wrapped around him, then plunged into his flesh.


Naruto's cry of agony echoed in the dusty room as he collapsed, writhing in agony that threatened to overwhelm him, then after what seemed like an eternity of suffering, the pain vanished.

For a long moment, Naruto simply stared at the ceiling, then he frowned. The ceiling seemed… sharper than before and if he concentrated on the light-giving seals, he could see the pattern within them, the way that they took ambient energy and guided it through channels, changing it in the process to produce illumination.

As he stared, he could almost feel the concepts behind the seals slotting into place in his mind, including ways to make them more efficient or brighter. Shaking off his odd reverie, Naruto sat up, then found himself staring at a pair of armoured feet.

Feet that were attached to legs.

Legs that were attached to him!

Naruto scrambled backwards, hitting the wall, then he froze again, this time staring at his hands which were encased in the same sort of odd armour, armour that…was… the exactcolour of the disc that had attacked him!

Naruto slowly flexed his fingers, then his legs. Pulling himself to his feet, he looked round, then paused with a new realisation.

He was taller!

Somehow, the armour (whatever it was) had made him grow up!

"Awesome!" He whispered with a wide grin. Spotting a door, he slowly walked over to it, getting used to his longer legs, and grabbed the handle.


Naruto stared at the fragments of the door in his gauntlet, then at the wreckage of the wooden door around his feet.

"Oops." He muttered to himself, then he carefully stepped over the broken wood and looked up and down the corridor.

"Aha!" He realised. "Air is flowing from over there… how did I know that?"

After a long, introspective moment failed to provide him with an answer, Naruto mentally shrugged and moved along the corridor, climbing the curving flight of stairs at the end while frowning at the odd tickling sensations and the plink and tank noises that he kept hearing. Glancing behind him, he froze at the sight of dozens of senbon and kunai littering the ground, weapons that had not been there earlier.

A brief impact made him look down just in time to see another kunai bounce off his chest. Moving with a speed and surety that he didn't know he had, Naruto grabbed the falling weapon, only for the blade to break in his grip. Dropping the fragments, Naruto resumed his interrupted journey until he found himself facing a door. As he reached for the handle, he paused again, staring at his hand.

"Oh man, my armour!" He realised. "Those temes will want it… huh?"

The armour seemed to fragment and leap off his body, vanishing behind him. Naruto spun round, but there was no sign of it.

"Hey!" He shouted. "I want my armour back!"

A surge of energy lifted him into the air and he felt the armour plating slide back into position. Landing gently, he looked at his armoured fists and grinned.

"Way cool! Armour off!"

Once again the armour vanished and Naruto smirked.


Reaching out, Naruto pushed against the door in front of him and when it opened, he slipped out of the base and back into Konohagakure.

But he would return, so that he could find out what else his newfound armour could do.

After all, it was magic armour.

Just like in the stories that he had overheard while hiding outside the window of the main room after the matron locked the door to his room and he had to climb out of the window.

He had magic armour.

That made him… a hero!

But he had to think of a cool name for when he…

That was it!

"I… am Hiro!" Naruto whispered to himself with a smile as he turned to look at the door as it swung closed. Pushing against it, he smirked as the concealed door re-opened and then he let it close again.

It was a secret place and now it was his secret place.


Naruto spun round as a masked individual with silver hair landed just in front of him.

"There you are." The ANBU said in a relieved voice. "The Hokage was worried about you."

Naruto blinked. "Who?"



Naruto smiled as he looked round. He would never have to go back to the Orphanage, he now had his own apartment, one paid for by the village to make up for how he had been treated at the orphanage!

His own apartment and his own secret hideout for storing all his cool ninja stuff in!

Life was finally looking up.

With a grin, Naruto started looking round to see if there was somewhere that he could use as a secret exit… aha!

The air vent in the bedroom wall was large enough that for a while at least, he would be able to crawl through it, letting him come and go as he pleased.

Guyer Naruto
the story is a crossover fanfiction between naruto and Guyer


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