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I'm jasper comic part 2 by nnn1997
Mature content
I'm jasper comic part 2 :iconnnn1997:nnn1997 9 2
I'm Jasper comic part 1 by nnn1997
Mature content
I'm Jasper comic part 1 :iconnnn1997:nnn1997 13 3
konoha prime

The destruction of the Autobot base, Optimus Prime is sent to the world of Naruto to help end another conflict and help  strengthen the Web of Life in that world and it might turn out to be his greatest challenge yet.
Chapter one
Optimus Prime groaned in agony, struggling to open his battle weary optics. After some effort, his optics finally began to function, as he became aware of his surroundings.
Right now, he was simply floating in a vast empty space, surrounded by shimmering blue and white lights. It was similar to when he had received the message from Alpha Trion while wielding the Star Sabre just weeks before.
As he slowly scanned the spectacle around him, Optimus became aware that he was alone and still severely injured. It was hard to believe that what was to be the end of a long, devastating conflict would conclude in soul wrenching defeat.
Just hours before, he and his Autobots had traveled to Cybertron
:iconnnn1997:nnn1997 1 0
xannon the butcher  by nnn1997
Mature content
xannon the butcher :iconnnn1997:nnn1997 3 3
Magic exists!
When Alphonse Elric wasn’t allowed to attend a military meeting because he was a ‘civilian’. Being left alone, Al find himself waiting in the military waiting lounge bored out of his mind until he find something interesting among the few papers and books and magazines in the lounge it was an owl with a letter? decided  to find out to see what was the letter for? Alphonse was in for a world of surprise when he was accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. How will young Alphonse survive will he  make friends or enemies along the way and How will Ed feel that his little brother is learning magic.

I do not own this pic

Chapter 1

    Alphonse let out a sigh, as he walk over to the waiting lounge as he wasn't Allowed to attend the meeting with his brother because he was a ‘civilian’. At times he wish that Ed wasn't a state Alchemist but he couldn't
:iconnnn1997:nnn1997 1 0
Even if I'm Different Now
A/n hi everyone this is a crossover between Harry Potter and fullmetal alchemist I thought this story is cool and I'm going to post it on the deviantart and I give full credit to its original author Monica Moss 
Alphonse Elric, wish Brother would accept me, but I'm losing him completely as I start to adopt the term "magic." I've been sharing the research I'm doing at Hogwarts, but even that might not stop Brother from abandoning me. And I think I might die by the time he forgives me, because war is looming ever closer... 
Chapter 1
I never could perform alchemy, but I could step in and try to pull B
:iconnnn1997:nnn1997 1 1
Drawing nightmare Freddy by nnn1997 Drawing nightmare Freddy :iconnnn1997:nnn1997 2 0 drawing of nightmare bonnie by nnn1997 drawing of nightmare bonnie :iconnnn1997:nnn1997 2 0 painting of Fred Bear by nnn1997
Mature content
painting of Fred Bear :iconnnn1997:nnn1997 1 1
Mature content
The origins of Xannon the Butcher :iconnnn1997:nnn1997 1 0
Mature content
slender women x male reader :iconnnn1997:nnn1997 52 4
Mature content
The son of Slenderman :iconnnn1997:nnn1997 2 0
Blue guardian Chapter 1
    Hi my name is Kamen rider I was a Blue Lantern but now I’m the rainbow lantern you might not know what that is let me explain the rainbow lantern is the Guardian of the infinite dimensions including alien planets, speaking of aliens my current assignment is too help the aliens all around us but there are only a few who are the good guys they're called the Autobots whose leader is Optimus Prime. Then there are the bad guys the Decepticon’s who true to their name are masters of destruction their leader is Megatron, anyway both of the bots and cons are from the planet Cybertron which humans do not know about because it’s nearly thousands of light years away well they don't but I do. Lucky quarts of having one of your teachers in best friend is one of the guardians who knows everything about everything of the universe, and I only know because the all seeing all knowing Ganthet told me to help t
:iconnnn1997:nnn1997 3 2
Blue guardian

Kamen Rider was your average teenager before he was accepted into the Blue Lantern Corps with that came great responsibilities he fought alongside hal Jordan and the other Green Lanterns proved himself worthy to earn the other rings and becoming known as the rainbow lantern the Guardians thought it would be best if Hal Jordan became the rainbow lantern but he didn't want the responsibility all the Rings he suggested that Kamen should be he has proven himself worthy earned the title of rainbow lantern with many trials just to get the rings black, white, purple, pink, red, orange, yellow and  green let’s not forget his blue ring the Guardians thought about this for a moment and agreed but he must have mental trai
ning to control all the rings so each lantern Corps provided a teacher to train him. Ganthet couldn't be more prouder now knowing that one of his lanterns is now the rai
:iconnnn1997:nnn1997 3 0
Xannon the butcher by nnn1997
Mature content
Xannon the butcher :iconnnn1997:nnn1997 3 2
Slenderwoman x male reader Zuka Zama part 3

You stared at the mirror and that Slenderwoman symbol that was now on your neck as you thought about hiding the mark from your friends and others from seeing but you couldn't care what they thought about you as you head back to your room to get change for the day since it was Saturday which mean no school, but training with your uncles that will arrive soon to continue your training with your katana and your ability to blend to your surroundings. As you wait for them you decided to train for a bit to kill time as you open the door to your backyard you couldn't shake the feeling that you were being watch, as you already know who they were you ignore them grabbing a knife and aiming it to the top of the tree and throw it to the top to see if you can get it without using your hands to climb the tree. And to make sure that you didn't use your hand you handcuffed yourself and taking a deep breath ran to the tree and started running upwards to
:iconnnn1997:nnn1997 54 8


Mature content
Insane Together and Forever :iconomega-knight01:Omega-Knight01 3 6
Trouble Rising: Chapter 9
Transformers Armada
Trouble Rising
Chapter 9
The young Thunder was still trying to cope with what had occurred in his home. Megatron bringing a injured Optimus to his doorstep. He felt so many things when he laid eyes on Optimus. Angry, fear, hatred and helplessness. Who could have done such a thing. It annoyed him beyond belief. What sick fragger would do this to the sweetest mech he ever knew!
He only dated Optimus once but his friendship with him made care for him a lot, he never wised anything to happen to him. It took sometime but after he had explained to the police what he had witnessed and also his parents he was finally allowed to go see Optimus.
When he arrived in Optimus's room he found him sitting up and watching some program with a nice warm blanket around him. Megatron wasn't around Thunder guessed he must have went to get some sleep or get things for Optimus. "Optimus I'm here!" Shouted the blue and sliver mech as he charged over and hugged him so tightly. "I was so worr
:iconomega-knight01:Omega-Knight01 5 7
Darkness Falling
Transformers Animated/ Knightformers
Paring: MegatronxOptimus
(Sorry for any bad spelling or grammar)
Title: Darkness falling
Chapter 1: The Kingdom
The Kingdom of Iacon is the heart of peace and tranquility on Cybertron. It's one of the oldest and the largest kingdom. A  paradise for those who dwell behind its walls. The white and gold magnificent towers of the castle and buildings shined brightly in the light and even in the darkness, like a beacon.
The Kingdom is the largest, next to the Dark Tower of Kaon where the evil king Cyclonus plots and schemes, but for those that live in Iacon, life was good. Many felt so safe and oblivious to the dangers outside but even paradise can have its problems and have a darkness that threatens to destroy it.
The ruler of this mighty kingdom is King Ultra of the Magnus family. His family has ruled Iacon ever since Iacon was first built so many years ago. He is 7th ruler of Iacon and a good king. He watches over his kingdom and the lands outsid
:iconomega-knight01:Omega-Knight01 10 9
Where I belong
Transformers Prime
Just wanted to do a story were Orion stayed with the cons longer than 3 damn episodes, I really wanted to see Orion maybe with them for a full season or half a season that would be so awesome but sadly they didn’t do it so I decided to write my own idea for it. Just for a bit of fun. This was a idea I just had to write, hope you like it.
Where I belong
Chapter 1
The Plan
It’s been days since Orion found himself back with his lifelong friend Megatronus. He was confused, hurt and angry. The evil Ratchet destroyed his beautiful home. The once gold and shinning world of Cybertron was now nothing more than a decaying corpse in space. It was difficult for him to even look at images of it, as tears swelled up each time he did. So many memories and so many good mech’s and femmie’s now lay dead on the cold Planet thanks to Ratchet’s war!
A beeping noise outside his door disturbed his thoughts. Logging off his computer screen he sat
:iconomega-knight01:Omega-Knight01 8 32
Where I belong: Chapter 2
Transformers Prime
Where I belong
Chapter 2
Time for words
Orion tossed in his sleep as images plagued his dreams. He could see the evil Autobots in some room but it wasn’t like anything from Cybertron. ‘Where am I?’
Then his gaze fell to 3 little humans. He had no idea why there were there but guessed the Autobot’s were holding them captive. Then again if they were being held prisoner why did they look happy and even cheering at the Autobots.
Suddenly one of the Autobot’s looked at his direction he knew him as Bulkhead. Megatron explained to him the names of each of these murderers. Bulkhead just seemed and gave a wave. “Hey Optimus”
‘That’s not my name’.
He heard the word Optimus being spoke again. ‘No! That’s not me!
The name of Optimus kept being repeated over and over again as Orion’s world stated spinning and before long he fell into darkness.

He woke up finding himself back in hi
:iconomega-knight01:Omega-Knight01 4 5
Insane Together and Forever: Chapter 2
World: G1
Insane Together and Forever
Chapter 2: Concern
Galvatron was in the Mess Hall getting something to eat. His soldiers were busy eating as well and chatting among each other, but were careful to keep their distant of him.
The Decepticon lord sat by himself and he preferred it that way. He was thinking of what Cyclonus said and did to him this morning and a worrying thought kept plaguing him (marriage? was this really happening?) He was indeed troubled by it.
He drank down some much needed energon and looked out watching the stars outside sparkle. He couldn't believe they were doing this and kept asking himself was he even ready for marriage? What did Cyclonus expect from him? Did he want them to have Sparklings?
He felt almost afraid at that thought (I'm not ready to do such a thing. I can't see myself taking care of Sparklings! I'll be a terrible father).
Some of Decepticon troops looked in his direction. They saw he looked annoyed and troubled but none of t
:iconomega-knight01:Omega-Knight01 4 4
Spider-Gang by sonicboom35 Spider-Gang :iconsonicboom35:sonicboom35 80 4 Here's Hobby! by Hobgoblin42 Here's Hobby! :iconhobgoblin42:Hobgoblin42 32 12
Mary Jane - Spider-Woman: Continue of idea
Have you noticed that this year with Mary Jane were experiments? In the sense that although she give her strength? The "Amazing" gave her the Iron Spider costume. And "Renew Your Vows" and gave her power suit. Even the current animated series in its latest fourth season lacked the courage - to connect with the remnants of Carnage and MJ, and now her body is a dangerous weapon, and clothing for life. It is obvious - it is preparing for such an eventuality in future films.
Personally, I like the idea of it to the symbiote. It's Cool! :) This makes her Spider mixture of Witchblade and Mystique (in the sense that it can change the appearance (but not gender and face) as she wish. She would not have to spend time and money on shopping and such. She can impersonate Beetle (female version of "Superior Foes of SM") and incite Boomerang and Shocker at each other. And as the Mystic from movies too matter of fact the main clothes - her body). And if the current cartoon is closed son, Marvel can t
:iconundergrizer:Undergrizer 5 2
My Team and Friends are Ready by zerosaber621 My Team and Friends are Ready :iconzerosaber621:zerosaber621 7 2 The Good The Bad and Deadpool by kleopetra007 The Good The Bad and Deadpool :iconkleopetra007:kleopetra007 90 25
Upgrading my Bat-Pool cosplay...
Last year I made a Bat-Pool cosplay (the chest piece made of cardboard and duct tape with acrylic paints it had the nipples to make fun of the Schumacher version) I'm making a new Bat-Pool cosplay since my brother bought a new faucet for his kitchen and there was alot of thick foam pieces (similar to EVA foam) right now I have a rough version of the chest piece, I'm gonna be getting some straps and buckles as well as black satin (or a material similar that has that shine) for the cape and a red body suit with black underwear on the outside.
:icondeadfish-comics:Deadfish-Comics 1 0
LANYSE_250 by BTFly009 LANYSE_250 :iconbtfly009:BTFly009 14 6 Uncensored by DragonNoodles Uncensored :icondragonnoodles:DragonNoodles 13 1 Fragile love (P 1) by Mongoostav Fragile love (P 1) :iconmongoostav:Mongoostav 7 0 Mecha Adopt - Peachy Femme by Okami-Haru Mecha Adopt - Peachy Femme :iconokami-haru:Okami-Haru 27 13


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